Career Planning

Your wiki Page

  1. Create a new wiki page called Careers initials.
  2. Copy the information on this page and paste it onto your Careers page.
  3. Go to Education Planner.
  4. Click on Explore Careers that Interest You in the blue box in the top left.
  5. Complete the Career Cluster Activity on the top of the next screen. List the possible clusters of careers as a result of the activity. Some possible careers for me are education and training, manufacturing, and Architecture and Construction.
  6. Complete the Which Careers Match Your Skills. Write a summary of suggested careers. Some suggested careers for me are Architecture and construction they are suggested for me because I like to build things like tents and other things like houses this is for me because i go outside a lot and construction workers are outside a lot and i have a lot of experience because my friends dad owns a construction company and i some times go and help him on some jobs and while I'm there he shows me a thing or two about the things he goes through to build houses and hotels and all kinds of things.
  7. Watch at least 5 of the career videos. Write a brief summary of each of the careers. Education and Training are good for me because i like teaching kids that don't know things like how to tie there shoes. Manufacturing i good because I would know now how some people get there food from china to America. Architecture and Contstruction would be good for me because i like building things.
  8. Complete the it's Not All About Money section. List 5 facts you learned from this section. 1. I would most likely be a good Construction worker. 2. I would find out how we get things from China to America. 3. Another good fact that I learned is I could help big companies to build hotels or mansions.4. I could also help people that build houses for the homeless and help my community. 5. I would do it for free so that i show that i don't only do this for the money but for the people of the community and our world.
  9. Explore Catholic Vocation website. What is a vocation? In the simplest terms, “vocation” means a “call.” So, in general terms your vocation is what God calls you to do with your life.
  10. Go back to Education Planner. Click on Search for Your Perfect School. Write a brief summary of the results. Include a link to at least 2 colleges or professional training institutions that might prepare you for your future career. One college would be University of Phoenix, and the Northwest College of University.