Log on to MyON to read the book Understanding Programming and Logic

  1. Read the book and take the quiz at the end to score at least 4 out of 5.
  2. After reading the book, go back to answer the questions below.
  3. Create a wiki page called UnderstandingProgrammingYourWikiName.
  4. Copy the questions below, paste them on your wiki page, then define the terms and answer the questions.

Introduction: What are computer programs?

  1. Definition of Computer programs:

Chapter 1: Logical Reasoning

  1. Definition of Logical reasoning:
  2. Definition of Algorithm:
  3. Provide a brief list of a series of steps you follow to complete a task such as making a cup of hot chocolate.
  4. Definition of Sequence:
  5. Application: Write a sequence of steps to create a link to a new page on your wiki.

Chapter 2: What is Computer Programming?

  1. Definition of Commands -
  2. Application: Think of Scratch commands. Write a sequence of instructions that would make the Scratch Kitty move a distance, turn right at 90 degrees, then move forward at a distance again.
  3. Definition of Repeat Sequence:
  4. Application: If you wanted a sprite in Scratch to do a series of commands for 10 times, what Scratch control command would you use?
  5. Definition of Procedure:

Chapter 3: What can I do with Computer Programming?

  1. Who is recognized as the first computer programmer? What did this person do?
  2. What was the first programmable machine?
  3. Definition of Computer simulations:
  4. Application: Provide an example of how a computer program controls something.

Chapter 4: How do I Use Computer Programming Languages?

  1. Definition of Program Languages:
  2. Application: Name a programming language you have studied.
  3. Definition of Input and Output:
  4. Application: Name an example of a sensor.
  5. Definition of Flow Chart:
  6. Definition of Subroutines:

Chapter 5: What do I do When My Program Doesn't work?

  1. Application: What is a reason that apps on your phones or iPads or computers sometimes need to be updated?
  2. Golden Rules of Programming are

View the sequence of Scratch commands in the diagram below.
10 blocks.JPG
Using the numbered list, explain from first to last the correct sequence of actions or events that will happen in the Scratch program.

View the program below. What is the bug in the program? Explain how to fix the bug.
10 blocks bug.JPG