Severo Ochoa:

  • Born on September 24, 1905 at Luarca, Asturias, Spain.
  • Went to medical school at the University of Madrid.
  • After graduating in 1929, Ochoa spent time in Germany doing research because of the Spanish Civil War.
  • Returned to Spain and taught at the Univerisity of Madrid's medical school.
  • 1940s, moved to United States and he worked with Carl Cori and Gerti cori at Washington University befire joining the faculty of New York University.
  • In 1959, Ochoa was named a co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering an enzyme that enables the snthesis of RNA, allowing scientists to recreate the cell process that translates hereditary genes.
  • Died in Madrid in 1993.
  • Ochoa was educated at a Jesuit school in Malaga before attending the University of Madrid.