1. Look through newspapers and magazines to try to find an example of an image where the meaning has been interpreted by a caption.
  2. Create a wiki pages named Caption initials.
  3. Create a link to the newspaper image.and copy and past the image to your page.
  4. Write a paragraph explaining how you think the image has been interpreted by the caption.

Fashion Week caption photo KG.jpg
Two women in SoHo, New York City. The woman to the right has a very vintage, hippie look. Ths gives her this image because of the high-waisted shorts, her dreamcatcher necklace, the old-looking Converse, the anklets and the draping floral sweater.The woman on the left has a very modern look. The white button-down and the black shirt looks very laid-back. Her dreamcatcher necklace comliments the tights. The tights are very colorful and add a "pop" effect to the whole outfit. I like the fact that this woman chose a solid color for her shoes. If she had on shoes with multiple designs and patterns, It'd be overbearing.