students will be able to:
  1. define and identify various shot types.
  2. define and identify effects of various camera angles.
  3. explain the rule of thirds in framing an image.
  4. identify ways edits tell us about storytelling and passage of time.

Background information

2. Read Shots Types on Media
3. Glossary of Camera Angles on Media
4. Read Rules of Framing - on Media and Rule of Thirds on Digital Photography School
5. Read about editing techniques and transitions- on Media
6. View video below: Natural Transitions

Assignment in groups of 2 or 3 (Ask permission to change seats or to move across the room.)

1. View the following video from Mashable Tech (shot using a cell phone).

2. With another student in class, discuss the camera use of
  • long shots,
  • medium shots,
  • close up shots and
  • big close up shots.

3. With another student in the class, discuss the camera use of
  • pan
  • tilt
  • high-angle shot
  • low-angle-shot
  • shot where the camera is canted (not horizontal)
  • point of view

4. With another student in the class discuss how editing techniques tell us about the passage of time
  • cut
  • fade
  • dissolve
  • wipe

Individual Assignment

1. Create a wiki page called Analyzing Moving Images initials.
2. Copy the chart below. Paste it on your wiki page. Watch the video again and complete the chart.
Distance of camera
Brief details - Where is this in the video?
Why chosen/effect
long shots
Shows majority of. For example, a path.
To show background or communication between two people. It can show who's talking to who
medium shots
Shows the person a bit closer than the close-ups and the long shot.
To show maybe a body or outfit
close up shots
Shows only one person or item.
To show facial detail or feeling. It gives an idea
big close up shots

To be even closer and get a very close and specific look at something.

Type of shot/movement
Brief details
Where is this in the video?
Why chosen/effect
To show what side something is coming from
Like if someone is throwing a ball, they would move to capture the ball's movement
To exaggerate a disaster
It can be a fake hurricane, war an explosion from a point of view. Just to give the feeling
High-Angle shot
Low-Angel shot
Shows something from a high or low perspective.
If someone is leaping from a high altitude, they can see what is going on. It gives you a feeling that you are the one who is witnessing it.
Point of View
Shows in the way you would see it if you were doing that type of thing.
To feel like you are the one who is taking action and doing it.

Type of Edit
Brief Details
Where is this in the video?
Why chosen/effect
A scene that transitions into another area or place.
To make new scenes or conflicts in other places.
It shows something maybe an aftermath.
To show how something is progressing.
To show an ending
It maybe in the credits or the beginning
To show something that happens next or in a different setting with another character.
To move from one character or place to another.