Assignment: - Copy the information below. Paste it on a wiki page that you create called Stereotype initials.
A. What do you understand by the term "stereotype"? Come up with a definition.
Stereotype is a judgement on someone based on how they look.

B. View a story about stereotypes: The Good Samaritan
Then discuss
  1. Are stereotypes new? No they are not new. They have been around forever and ever and ever.
  2. How do you think stereotypes come about? When people just don't like another race or are unjust
  3. Do we only create stereotypes of people we fear or distrust? No
  4. Do stereotypes ever have any truth in them? Yes.

C. View the information on the links below. Detail both positive and negative representations.

D. If we were to develop a mascot for Incarnation Catholic School, what would the mascot be? How would he/she be dressed?
Our mascot would be a shamrock because as Irish we need to represent our inner clover. He/she would be dressed in a green shamrock costume with green shoes to match the shamrock costume.

E. What is the mascot of the high school you will attend next year? Explain how does it represents the school?
The mascot of the high school I will attend next year is a tiger. It represents the school because a tiger never gives up and always tries its best to win. Jesuit tries to win at every sport and accepts defeat honorably.