Assignment: (Movie Rubric)
You will work in assigned groups to plan a movie about public service message. Within the groups you will brainstorm topics, then plan a movie
You will film the movie together. Someone in the group will manage the camera. Others will act in the movie.
The raw footage will be uploaded to WeVideo and shared with the other members of the group.
Each of you will edit the raw footage to produce a final version of the movie.
The final version must be 30-90 seconds long.

Create a wiki paged called Service Movie initials. Discuss the answers as a group, but each of you must answer the following questions on the wiki.

Product Purpose and Message:
  1. What is the message of the movie? The message is to avoid obesity.
  2. Who does this movie represent (who might really create a movie with this message)? The movie represents shows and stories that want you to exercise to stay healthy and fit.
  3. What is the target audience? The target audience is people who have problems with obesity.
  4. What creative techniques will be used to attract attention and make an emotional connection with the target audience? Pictures of obese people and good transition to one shot to another to catch the eye of the viewer. (You can only use pictures if you have the permission of the person in the photo, so how will you get pictures of obese people?)
  5. How might different people understand this message differently? They might understand this message as a joke about obesity ,but other will realize it is a really big problem.
  6. What values, lifestyles and points of view will be represented in, or omitted from, this message? The message will be in third person, the values be to avoid obesity, and the lifestyle represented would be vigorous exercise and healthy eating.

Production Process:
  1. Please list the first names of the group members. Quan Trinh, Marie Dela Cruz, Austin Ingram, and Robert Blazer
  2. Who in the group has a camera to use? a tripod to use? The person who is not in the scene will be holding the camera. No tripod used.
  3. What props will be needed? Who will arrange to bring them? So far no props.
  4. Are costumes needed? Who will arrange to bring them? So far no costumes.
  5. What is the setting? (Pretend setting for the movie) ICS school ground.
  6. Where will you film on campus? In the pavilion or outside.
  7. What camera angles are planned? Side angles, straight angles, and sideways angles
  8. Which close-up, medium range and long range shots are planned? Long range shots, close-up shots, and distance shots
  9. How many shots do you estimate you will have in the movie? About 9-20 shots
  10. How long do you estimate the raw footage will be? About 3 minutes.

Go to WeVideo page on this wiki to begin to go through the tutorials.