Visual Resume Analysis

Contrast- contrast is the state of being visually different. I used contrast with my shapes, figures, and colors to make my visual resume look good. Specifically I used it when trying to make the different bits of information about myself different colors so visually you understand that my experience goes along with my goals and such.

Alignment- alignment is that arrangement in a straight line. And i used alignment by buy putting every main point in a square box that makes it more appealing to the eye. Specifically I used it when I wanted my boxes the one one top and the one under it to align perfectly like to parallel lines. (I don't understand what you are saying here.)

Rrrrrrrrepetition- repetition means the act of repeating something. And i think the one thing i used repeatedly in this resume was a square text box and creating a green background for each text box with a colorful yellow outline. Specifically i used the same color (green) for most of the resume so it can go along with the school colors and look like I'm dedicated to the school. And i used the same font for my inner boxes so it all matches.

Proximity- proximity means nearness in time. I used proximity in colors with my name matching my contact information and I put the things together that match.

I know I told you to make I a capital letter.