Contrast: My resume is not boring and just a piece of paper, I added my on personal flavor. It has design and stands out from regular resumes. In my resume, I used colors (magenta and blue) to brighten my resume, and magenta and blue are two very different colors that work well together. In that way I have achieved contrast yet it doesn't look messy or strange. I also put a border around my resume, but not a huge one. So I filled the space yet not all of it, that way I have contrast and a compromise.

Alignment: Alignment is included in my resume. It is included in my resume because it is organized and everything has a place. I used left alignment and bullet points. It is not messy or sloppy or quickly and carelessly put together. You can tell because the categories of information are in the right order and are directly beneath one another. Also, my design is not all over the place and when you look at the information it makes sense.

Repetition: The repetition in my resume is seen quite clearly if you look closely. I used the same font throughout all of my resume. I was also very consistent with the colors so that it didn't end up looking like a squished-up rainbow. I know it sounds funny, but it's true that if you slap all of your favorite colors together in any way you want that it will look like a messed up or squished-up rainbow. You need to have repetition so that it's its not messy, confusing, all over the place, and is presentable.

Proximity: Proximity is represented well in my resume because each and every piece of information is in a category such as experience, education, and honors and awards. Under experience I put things into even more definition my having all the sports concepts in one sub category (experience is the main category) and clubs in another. I also have, as I have repeated multiple times, have kept my color scheme to keep it neat, organized, and interesting.

Well done