1. Think about your class photo from last year. Does it represent you as you want people to see you? Would there have been a better photo of you from sometime last year that would have represented you better, or was there another photo in the yearbook that represented you better? No. it doesn't represent me as I want people to see me. There possibly could hav a picture that better represented me if I could imagine it.
  2. Create a page named Representing Me initials
  3. Copy the section A, B and C below, and paste it on your Remembering Me initials page. Complete both Part A and Part B.

Section A: Complete the table comparing your school/class photo from last year with another photo from last year.

School or class photo from last year ...
Another photo from last year ...
Brief description of how you appear in the photo. ...
Slightly Happy
What do you like/dislike about the image? ...
My smile
My eye
How do you think other people read the image? ...
Look like I'm not smiling
I look excited
Do you think the image is a true representation of you? ...
Section B: Imagine each photo is to be used in your local newspaper because you have just on a competition. Write a caption for each photo.

Class photo from last year:
Normal person looking at camera.

Other photo from last year:
Person having fun at Chucky Cheese.

Section C: The 6th grade students' first Scratch programs were called About Me. Each had to design and code a program that told me three things about them. They are just beginning to use the MIT Scratch programming language so they were limited in their use of symbols to represent themselves in the program.. The following are a few of the examples: Carrier About Me, Schmitt About Me, Burks About Me, Stewart All About Me. Other examples are at the ICSkids About Me gallery. (Note: These require the correct version of Flash to view, so they do not work on all computers.)

What 3 facts would you include in an About Me program. (Do not include your name, age, or address).
What symbols would represent who you are?

Symbol ...
I like to play football.
I enjoy reading books.
I eat rice.