A. Choose an advertisement from a magazine or newspaper that interests you or is particularly striking in its impact on you. Make sure it contains words as well as images. Name the product:
Pet Costumes

B. Describe briefly the context in which you found it, e.g. upmarket magazine for girls, sports magazine, newspaper, etc. Provide a link to the advertisement.
Context: Halloween costumes for pets.I found the context on Animal Fair a website that gives support animal participation in human hobbies. Such as dressing up for Halloween.
Link: http://animalfair.com/home/dog-spooked-tips-fun-safe-howloween/

C. By paying particular attention to the visual images in the advertisement and the way in which these link to the written words, write a paragraph explaining how you "read" the advertisement. You may find it useful to consider some of these factors:
  • color
  • framing
  • composition
  • size
  • type of shot
  • subject matter, including people
  • setting
  • lighting
  • pose
  • text
Paragraph Here: The color of the image is dark in the back and brown in the front . The framing is as if the person seeing the animal and is taking a picture of them from a ranged distance. The composition of the image above is the different fonts and styles and how they insert the words above the animals in the costume. There are also smaller text which explain what the costumes are for ,but doesn't show that it is the main idea that the image is trying to tell you about. The size of the image is fairly small since the idea of it is to get people to buy costumes for their pets on "Howloween" for pet costume benefit. The type of shot is a point-of-view shot. The subject matter is "Howloween" for pet costume benefit. The setting of the picture is at night on Halloween at a house where animals are asking for some candy. The lighting is above is bright and upfront so that the animals cast a long dark shadow behind them making the image more scary. The pose of the animals is ready to receive candy so i would say the pose of this the animals are far yet zoomed in. The text is Animal Fair 12th Annual "Halloween" pet costume benefit.

D. Think about the connotations that you find in the images.
  1. Do you find these appealing? No, I don't find them appealing.
  2. How do you feel they will appeal to other people, of different ages and gender? I feel that if someone else that has different likes and dislikes might appeal to it or they might not.
  3. How do the images relate to the product that is being sold? The image relates to the product being sold because they are selling pet costumes and the pets are in costumes that could have been bought from the company.

E. Connotations here:
You will hear the expression that people are said to be "reading the media". Talk about why you think the expression" reading" is used here, when you usually associate it with written words.
Answer here: The reading the media means reading what the media is secretly trying to tell you through the images or videos they show you.