1. Create a wiki page called Re-presentation initials. Copy the information below and paste it on the page that you create.
  2. I will show the class a brief video of an event or an interview. Imagine you are a reporter who has just witnessed this event.

After viewing the event. complete the following
A. Take five minutes to write down quickly in note form everything that you can remember about the event.
Vice Principle chases down a student for some reason.
They came into classroom after a wild goose chase and continued the chase outside.
Student says he will never catch him and Vice Principle goes after him.
The scene very quick and confusing.
B. Using your notes, try to organize the"story" of what happened into a sequence in which the most important information is given first.
1.Vice Principle is chasing a student.
2.He comes into the Computer Lab while following the student.
3.The student quickly gets out of the room again.
4.Vice Principle quickly realizes where the student has gone and continues after him.

C. If you were able to have a still camera to record the event, what one picture would you most like to have taken?
I would take a picture of the student right before the student leaves the room to see who that person was.

D. Using the materials you have got, write a story for your local newspaper that tells what happened. You should include a sketch of your imaginary picture with a caption. (Use Tux Paint t0 draw the sketch. Go to File on the wiki page and upload the file to your page.)
Wild Goose Chase
On Monday during computer class, a high speed chase between the Vice Principle and a student unfolded as 8th grade students witnessed the event as it happened. It was a pretty surprising and unexpected event because the computer teacher was telling the class about our assignment ,then you see the Vice Principle chasing a student. As the event unfolded many student say that the event was staged by the teacher ,but some students say different. The Vice Principle was wearing a sweatshirt in a strange way while chasing the student ,but some would say that he was mimicking the way 8th grade students wear their sweatshirt. During the chase no one was injured and nothing was broken. As fast as the event happened, the 8th grade student was given an assignment. Whether the event was staged or was actually real the world may never know.

Vice Principle(right) goes after Student(left)

E. Compare your story with those produced by the rest of the class. (Read at least 10 stories on the wiki.) Has everyone agreed what is the most important part of the event? Do you all have the same choice of picture? If there are differences, how do you explain these? Juan, Connor, Austin, Teresa, Ben, Kimberly, Jared, Shae, Dominic, and Anna. No. No. There are a lot of different pictures between the people's pages ,and some people think that the main idea is the student or the Vice Principle ran into the computer lab.

F. Do you think some versions are more accurate than others? Give your reasons.
Yes, I do think that some versions are more accurate than others because some people were closer to the event, some people have better memory than others, and some people hear and see different things since the event happened so fast.