1. First complete the chart below comparing the narratives of the two stories.

Happy Thanksgiving Gus ...
Assignment America ...
What is the opening situation?
How does the story start?
Gus was given an assignment that was due after Thanksgiving
The story starts with the teacher getting the students attention.
The people show Tennessee Elephant
Sanctuary as a place where elephants
can come and find a someone to be best friends with.
What is the problem of challenge that is posed?
Gus doesn't know what he is most thankful for.
The people don't understand how a
dog and elephant could be best friends.
How does this create conflict between characters?
It creates conflict in Gus' mind because he
can't pick what he is thankful for.
The conflict between the dog and the elephant is
that they won't be separated and will stay together.
How is this resolved?
Gus goes to farm and finds a friend and is
thankful for finding a great friend.
The people see that Bella and Tarra stay together
even when Bella, the dog, had a back injury, Tarra stayed with Bella.
How is the closing situation different to the opening situation?
What has changed?
Gus is no longer stressing over what he is going to
show as what he is thankful for.
The people now know how the dog and the
elephant can be such great friends then before
when they were clueless.
Do you see the story from one character's point of view?
How is this achieved?
Yes, I do because it shows the story from Gus'
perspective to show how he was feeling and
what he saw while trying to find out what he
was most thankful for. He is in the all of book and in the picture.
The story is told from the news guy's perspective
on the dog and elephant. It was achieved because
the news guy told the story of what happen and his opinions.

2. Then, by paying particular attention to the visual images in the stories and the ways in which these provide clues to the meaning of the stories, write a paragraph explaining how you "read" the stories to get the full meaning of each of the stories. You may find it useful to consider some of these factors:
  • color
  • framing
  • composition
  • size
  • type of shot
  • subject matter
  • setting
  • lighting
  • pose
  • text (or voice)
Feliz dia de Gracias, Gus! Paragraph Here:
The illustrations in Feliz dia de Gracias, Gus! on each page is a visual image of the information on the page. The Gus book has many illustrations with bright colors and cartoonish pictures of Gus and his quest to find out what he is most thankful for. The words in Spanish are difficult to translate so I use the visual images given to us to understand the more of the meaning of the book. By looking at the images in the book I understood more of the meaning ,and once I read the Spanish version I read the English next. When I read the English version I realized that I interpreted most of the meaning of the story correctly.

Assignment America Paragraph Here:
The illustrations (What illustrations? Explain.)