• Go back to MyON to view the cover of Feliz dia de Gracias, Gus!. Then go back to view the first scene in Assignment America.
  • Think about what the cover of a book or CD might be if each was recreated as another genre. Guiding Questions: What color background would you use? What text? What style font and what color for the text would you use? Where would the text be placed? What would be the subject matter of any pictures and what style pictures would you need to use? What would be the setting for the picture? What size would the picture be compared to the text? You might want to go to to look at book covers and CD covers for ideas.
Genre Examples:
television news story ...
children's story book ...
situation comedy ...
situation comedy ...
detective/mystery drama ...
detective/mystery drama ...
martial arts film ...
martial arts film ...
  1. Use or Open office Draw of Tux Paint to create a cover for one of the stories retold as a different genre:
  2. Use images from Flickr commons or from
  3. Use the same title and a picture representing at least one of the characters from the original story.
  4. Create a new wiki page called Genres .
  5. Save the graphic document as a jpeg and upload it to the new wiki page.
  6. Write a paragraph explaining the design for the cover. Describe how you used the graphic elements: contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity to create the cover. Also, explain how you used the following to provide clues to the story
  • color
  • framing
  • composition
  • size
  • type of shot
  • subject matter, including people
  • setting
  • lighting
  • pose
  • text
Cover Paragraph Design Description Here:
Where is the paragraph?

hedgehog cover the 1.jpg