Career Planning

Your wiki Page
  1. Create a new wiki page called Careers initials.
  2. Copy the information on this page and paste it onto your Careers page.
  3. Go to Education Planner.
  4. Click on Explore Careers that Interest You in the blue box in the top left.
  5. Complete the Career Cluster Activity on the top of the next screen. List the possible clusters of careers as a result of the activity.
  6. Complete the Which Careers Match Your Skills. Write a summary of suggested careers.
  7. Watch at least 5 of the career videos. Write a brief summary of each of the careers.
  8. Complete the it's Not All About Money section. List 5 facts you learned from this section.
  9. Explore Catholic Vocation website. What is a vocation?
  10. Go back to Education Planner. Click on Search for Your Perfect School. Write a brief summary of the results. Include a link to at least 2 colleges or professional training institutions that might prepare you for your future career.

Career Cluster
Government and Public Administration
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Education and Training
Health Science

Pharmacist- A pharmacist has to be able to the describe the medication being given to the patient suggested from the doctor.
Accountant- An accountant has to keep the company they work for on track on their finance plan and keep them out of debt.
Lawyer- A lawyer counsels clients about legal options and represent them in criminal or civil court.
Politician- A politician is a public official whose primary role is to create or suggest laws that interests the public.
Astronomer- An astronomer studies the stars and planets seeing if any new changes happen that can be useful information to study.

Vocation- a vocation is a calling from God to serve him and follow him in everything we do.
I can keep up the Catholic faith with my work by going to church and serving as an usher on a weekly basis.

1.New College of Florida
2.University of South Florida.