Pickely Flower.jpg
Original Image

Pickely Flower 2.jpg
Cropped Flower

Pickely Flower done.jpg
After Image

I have manipulated this photo by adding more flowers to the background ,and I used layers to add the flowers into the photo to make it look like there is an abundance of flowers.

  1. Go to Flickr Commons and find a picture and save the image.
  2. Afterwards go to pixlr.com/ and crop the flower image that will me put as a layer to the image.
  3. Open the single flower as a layer.
  4. Crop the flower to have no background.
  5. Go to pixlr.com/ and open the original image and also open the single flower (as layer).
  6. Use the magic wand tool to make the white background camouflage in with the image.
  7. Duplicate the flower and add it to the picture.
  8. Use the smug tool to fix any pixels that seemed to be out of place with the background of the image.
  9. Save the final image.
  10. Upload the original image, cropped flower, and final image onto your Layers and Manipulation page.