1. Compare the following terms: creative commons, commons, copyright.
  2. Contrast the terms.
  3. Explain one way to find images that have "commons" rights.
  4. Which assignments have used commons images? Explain why.
  5. Explain in detail one way to find images that have "creative common" rights.
  6. Provide a specific example of the use of at least one copyright image in an assignment for this class. What were the limitations in the use of the images.

Creative commons gives you the right to allow different rights for people to use, but you still have the basic rights of copyright. Creative commons is different from copyright and commons because it allows you to share your work to he public, but still allows you to receive the credit for your work. Copyright is different from commons because commons is an image or thing that has its copyright date expired. One way to find and image that have "commons" right is by going on Flickr Commons and choose the picture you want. We have used commons images on the Layers and Manipulation assignment because we need a very old picture to manipulate using pixlr.com/. One way to find images that have "creative commons" right is by visiting Creative Commons and find the picture you want, but make sure you know the rights that are given to you to do to the image. In the assignment of the High School Resumes you were not allowed to use the school's logo because it was copyrighted, and if you used it you could face severe punishment. So what I did was I found an image that was similar to the logo but not copy the image without making sure we can use it.

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