Contrast is a stand-out feature in a resume that catches the attention of anyone reading it. My name in green and gray fontwork stood out on the resume. The picture of the gryphon and the school colors themed borders around the resume also stood out from the other resumes.

Alignment is organization in the categories of the resume. I used alignment by keeping separation through rulers, titles, and headings. These items made it clear what your were reading and when it went to the next piece of information.

Repetition is consistency in your resume to prove a point. I used repetition by keeping the same heading placement and color throughout my resume. I also used the same ruler after every section of information.

Proximity is being able to tell the connection between items on your resume. I used this a lot in my resume and makes it very easy to read. I showed connection between my name and my contact information. I also made titles for all my information which connected to the body that followed.